Case Study: Elevating Financial Management for Luxury Retail Store

Client: Luxury Retail Store

Service Provider: PL Accounting Services


A high-end clothing retailer with seven locations across multiple states, along with a wholesale and eCommerce division, approached us for an urgent QuickBooks cleanup. Their financial records were in disarray, preventing them from securing necessary funding.


The client’s financials were plagued with numerous issues, making their accounting records nearly non-operational. Problems included duplicate vendor bills, missing vendor entries, incorrect revenue recognition, inconsistent vendor payments, and an utter lack of visibility into the profitability of different profit centers. The data from over ten different software systems added to the complexity, with no effective integration or management in place. This chaos had escalated to the point where the newly appointed CEO and CFO had no reliable financial insight or historical context to draw upon.

Our Approach

Given the critical nature of the situation and the urgent need for funding, we undertook the following comprehensive steps:

  1. Forensic Accounting and Cleanup: We performed deep forensic analysis to sort out and correct the records, including identifying overpayments and missing transactions.
  2. Vendor Communication: We reached out to vendors to update and reconcile account balances, eliminating duplicates and ensuring all financial obligations were accurately recorded.
  3. Integration of Software Systems: We invested time to understand and integrate the various software systems into a cohesive accounting framework.
  4. Streamlining Processes: We overhauled the monthly bookkeeping and closing processes, establishing clear and efficient workflows for accounts payable (A/P) and receivable (A/R).
  5. Training and Transition: After stabilizing the financials, we trained the in-house controller on these new processes and systems, ensuring they could maintain the new standards independently.



Our intervention transformed the client’s chaotic financial landscape into a structured and functional accounting system. With clean, reconciled financials, the client successfully obtained the necessary funding and subsequently went through an acquisition, showcasing the enhanced value of their business. Our role extended beyond mere cleanup; we equipped the client with the tools and knowledge for sustainable financial management, thereby securing their long-term operational success.


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Pooja Loomba

As a CPA and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I navigate a world that goes beyond the ordinary tax landscape. With over 15 years of expertise, I specialize in QuickBooks Cleanup, Bookkeeping, and Controller Services. Over the years, I’ve partnered with hundreds of clients, transforming their financials, maintaining crystal-clear books, and smoothing out their processes.