Case Study: Optimizing Financial Health for an Architectural Firm

Client Niche’: Architectural Services

Service Provider: PL Accounting Services


An architect faced severe challenges with his financial management, lacking clarity on what he was owed, his expenses per project, and which projects were profitable. His financial records were disorganized and ineffective, leading to numerous operational inefficiencies.


The architect’s financial issues were multi-faceted and critical:

  • Unclear Financial Status: There was no visibility into debts, receivables, or the profitability of projects.
  • Flawed Reconciliations: Bank and credit card reconciliations contained numerous errors such as missing transactions and duplicates, skewing expense reporting.
  • Invoicing and Payment Discrepancies: Inconsistent invoice issuance and payment application resulted in unreliable accounts receivable aging reports.
  • Vendor Payment Irregularities: Inconsistent documentation and payment processes complicated vendor relationships and financial tracking.
  • Lack of Detailed Cost Tracking: Absence of job costing and retainage tracking distorted the financial picture.
  • Wasteful Spending on Inefficient Services: Money was spent on inadequate bookkeeping and corrective tax accounting, leading to non-compliance and unnecessary financial waste.


Our Approach

To address these extensive financial challenges, we devised and implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Technology Enhancement: We integrated sophisticated third-party software for receipt collection and expense tracking, tailored to project-specific requirements.
  2. Streamlining Processes: We established robust processes for invoicing, payments, and financial reporting, and trained employees on these new systems.
  3. Forensic Financial Correction: Through detailed forensic accounting, we corrected both accounts receivable and payable, eliminated redundancies, and ensured every financial entry was accurate.
  4. Education and Transition: After setting up and stabilizing new financial systems, we trained the client’s staff to maintain these standards independently.
  5. Cash Flow Management: We introduced tools and strategies for comprehensive cash flow management, giving the client a clear understanding of available funds, which debts to prioritize, and how to strategically manage spending.



Our comprehensive financial overhaul enabled the architect to gain complete control over his business finances. With new tools and clear processes, he could now make informed decisions about spending and debt management. This not only met the requirements of his banks for renewing credit lines but also positioned his business for sustained financial health and growth. The firm’s transformation from financial chaos to a model of efficiency and transparency exemplifies our commitment to delivering profound and lasting financial solutions.


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