Our service packages start at $999 per month

Please note: All packages can be customized according to client’s needs
Services Elite Premier Executive Essential
Standard Response Time Same day 24 hours 1 business day 2 business days
Bookkeeping Frequency Twice a week Weekly Semi-Monthly Monthly
Books Close Time 5 business days 7 business days 10 business days 12 business days
Financials/Business review calls Weekly Weekly Monthly Monthly
Access to us Text,Slack,Phone,Zoom,Email Slack,Phone,Zoom,Email Slack,Phone,Zoom,Email Slack,Phone,Zoom,Email
Categorize Business Bank and Credit Card Transactions including Payroll entries
Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts
Financial Reports (PNL, Balance Sheet)
Monthly Review Session (30 minutes)
Accounts Receivable (AR) Management
Accounts Payable (AP) Management
W9 Collection from Vendors
Process 1099s at Year End
Send Financials to Tax Accountant at year end
Class Tracking/Project Costing/Job profitability
Intercompany Accounting
Transactions from Personal Bank Accounts
Reconcile Special Accounts (e.g., Trust Funds, Deferred Revenue, Retainers etc.)
Year-End Adjusting Entries
Year-End Depreciation and Amortization Entries
Laison with tax accountant all year regarding current year taxes
KPI Tracking
Comparison of Accruals vs. Budget
Management Dashboard

Additional Services We Provide:

In addition to our packaged offerings, we provide a variety of specialized services to meet your unique needs. Explore our full range of services below to see how we can support your business comprehensively.

QuickBooks Health Check

Optimize your financial system with our QuickBooks Health Check. We conduct a thorough diagnostic of your QuickBooks data to identify any issues and provide you with a detailed report on our findings. You can then choose to address these issues on your own or hire us to take care of them for you.

QuickBooks Training

PL Accounting Services offers comprehensive QuickBooks Training to empower your team with the skills needed to maximize the software's potential. Our training sessions, tailored to various proficiency levels, cover essential functions, advanced features, and best practices, ensuring your staff can confidently manage your business's financial operations.

Workflow Documentation

We provide detailed Workflow Documentation services to streamline your business processes and enhance operational efficiency. By mapping out and documenting each step of your financial workflows, we help identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring smooth, consistent, and effective operations that align with your business goals.

Business Continuity Documentation

Ensure your business remains operational in any situation with our comprehensive Business Continuity Documentation service. We prepare detailed records about each employee’s roles and contacts, business banking information, login credentials for each platform being used, contact information for service providers. Additionally, we provide clear instructions on actions to take in case of the owner's incapacitation, including who will be in charge and how to either continue or transition the business. This ensures your business can navigate unexpected events smoothly and efficiently

Bookkeeping for High Net Worth Individuals

PL Accounting Services specializes in Bookkeeping for High Net Worth Individuals, offering personalized financial management solutions that cater to complex financial portfolios. Our services include meticulous tracking of income, expenses, investments, and assets, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting to support informed decision-making and wealth management strategies. We also provide bill payment services and deal with insurance agents to take care of various insurances.